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Scout Field Bookings

Please use this page to request a booking of the District Scout field. You will be sent an email to confirm your email address and then the Bookings Manager will contact you to confirm your booking.

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Current Bookings

Group Date Morning Afternoon Evening Booking Confirmed
Astwood Bank cubs 25/05/2024
2nd Astwood Bank Brownies 03/06/2024
1st Matchborough Scouts 05/06/2024
Astwood Bank Scouts 06/06/2024
2nd Astwood Bank Brownies 10/06/2024
1st Matchborough scouts 12/06/2024
Astwood Bank Scouts 13/06/2024
2nd Astwood Bank Brownies 17/06/2024
1st Royal Enfield (whole troop) 19/06/2024
Redditch District explores 20/06/2024
1st Matchborough Scouts 22/06/2024
2nd Astwood Bank Brownies 24/06/2024
1st Matchborough Scouts 26/06/2024
Redditch District explores 27/06/2024
Beaver Scouts 03/07/2024
1st Redditch Scouts 10/07/2024
Astwood Bank Scouts 11/07/2024
1st Matchborough 14/07/2024
2nd Astwood Bank Brownies 15/07/2024
1st Matchborough Scouts 16/07/2024
Astwood Bank cubs 17/07/2024
1st Royal Enfield Beavers 29/07/2024
1st Royal Enfield Beavers 30/07/2024
SASU 23/08/2024
SASU 24/08/2024
SASU 25/08/2024
SASU 26/08/2024